First Visit

New Patients: Book your first visit at Cotati Chiropractic. 

First visit for New Patient includes a discussion about your personal and physical history, complex spine exam, including orthopedic, neurological, and special exams as needed, as well as customized soft tissue work and adjustment (if no contraindications or care concerns are detected in the intake process). If there are care concerns that require specificity for effective and safe care, you may be asked to bring in recent or be referred for new, radiographic imaging. We do not do imaging at our facility. Other care concerns may warrant referral to a medical doctor or specialist. 

You are considered a "Returning Patient" if you have been under Dr. Judy's care at any of her previous clinic locations or mobile services. First visit for Returning Patient includes complex spine exam and adjustment as indicated, establishes care at Cotati Chiropractic.

This is for patients who have been referred by another chiropractor for a specialized technique or service and are under regular care with their existing chiropractor. This first visit includes a basic spine exam and targeted care as directed by the referring doctor.

Dr. Judy only serves patients ages 14 years and older. We recommend seeking a pediatric specialist chiropractor for your younger children's chiropractic care needs. We highly recommend Acorn Chiropractic Club, which has chiropractors licensed by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Dr. Judy accepts patients as young as 8 years old for Endonasal (Nasal Release Technique) and Cranial care by referral only, on a case-by-case basis. Any minor new patient must book a Minor New Patient appointment.

For New Patients ages 14 - 17, a parent or guardian signature is required on all intake forms. At the first visit, a parent or guardian must be present to receive information about exam findings and the scope of care indicated. Parent or guardian attendance at all visits is strongly encouraged.