Meet Dr. Judy

Hi, I'm Dr. Judy. I'm originally from a small college town in southern California called Claremont. I grew up with a passion for expressive arts, including drawing, dancing, singing, and performing in theater. I performed with the Citrus College Women's Ensemble chorus throughout my term and received my Associate of Arts degree in studio and performing arts. I went on to attend Sonoma State University and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Studio Arts. This brought me to Sonoma County initially, but I knew from the very first time I visited that I was in love with this community culture and idyllic landscape that made me feel at home.

Only 4 days after I graduated from college, I was in a horrible car wreck. 

My injuries were substantial, ranging from grade 3 concussion, severe whiplash, costochondritis of the sternum, and cord compression syndrome. I only learned these things later, as medical doctors underserved me at the time of the accident. I was young, visually looked healthy, and did not know anything about health or how to communicate about it. I had no idea what was wrong with me or why my health started deteriorating rapidly. I felt disoriented and exhausted from the constant pain and migraines. 

The pain continued and with no relief or help from physicians, I decided to take my recovery into my own hands. Studying Kripalu Yoga was the first step to finding my way back into gentle movement and body mindfulness as I earned my 200-hour yoga teacher training certification. But even as I deepened my practice, I did it through struggling with mobility, strength limitations, and daily pain. 

The Turning Point

I was lucky enough to meet a chiropractor at a farmer's market one Sunday. He did a balance test and we began talking about my health and injury history. I told him my story and all of the symptoms I had been working through for over 18 months. He invited me into his office to get x-rays and evaluation to see if he could help. He found the cord compression syndrome, my head was displaced from my spine placing significant pressure on the spinal cord and constant irritation to the ligaments of the upper cervical spine (neck). 

When he explained this to me and showed me the images, I burst into tears because finally someone knew what was wrong and said that it could be fixed. I had been dismissed by medical doctors, told to get massages, and offered pain pills. 

I continued with chiropractic care since, and I continuously notice my health improving year after year with regular care. I was inspired to become a chiropractor to learn as much as I could about many of the conditions that I feel are underserved by the medical community. I am passionate about being an advocate for my patients. I want to be the one who listens, who does the research with you, who helps you find the right questions to ask to get more answers. I want to be part of your team. I want to be here for you on your wellness journey. I care deeply about the right of each and every individual to feel capable and comfortable in their body and to have access to the support they need to get there.

Some of the conditions that I have experience serving and supporting in symptom reduction:

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When Dr. Judy is not sharing her chiropractic care with the community, she enjoys going out on bike rides, train adventures, leisure walks, and spending time with family. 

Dr. Judy has been a local yoga and fitness instructor for over a decade and affectionately jokes that she is the "morale gal".

She loves life! Loves animals, singing and dancing, being in nature, and sharing her passions with new and old friends.

Cotati Moves yoga meditation wellness healing classes workshops near me Rohnert Park Santa Rosa

Photos by Brian Davis Photography

Cotati Moves yoga meditation wellness healing classes workshops near me Rohnert Park Santa Rosa
Cotati Moves yoga meditation wellness healing classes workshops near me Rohnert Park Santa Rosa