NRT - Nasal Release Therapy

The Amazing Benefits of Endo Nasal Therapy

This Is The Treatment You Didn't Know You Needed!

Nasal Release Therapy (NRT) is one of the most powerful physical adjustments for your body. Using the expansive pressure of a micro ballon, I can adjust your skull back to its natural position. 

This release of built-up scar tissue, years of infections, compressions, surgeries, or accidents can change your life by alleviating breathing conditions, yearly sinus infections, allergies, sleep disorders, chronic headaches, migraines, TMJ, as well as mental and emotional issues. 

A healthy breathing system is one of the foundations of brain and spinal cord health by supporting the flow of nutrients to the brain and detox mechanisms. 

Benefits of the Nasal Release Technique

What Should I Expect After Treatment?

After your Nasal Release Treatment, it’s common to experience some residual pressure in the nose, which typically dissipates within a day or two. Additionally, you may notice sinus drainage, prompting the need to gently blow your nose to clear any mucous. These transient sensations are part of the natural process as your body adjusts, and they contribute to the overall effectiveness of the treatment. 

Is Nasal Release Technique Suitable for Children? 

Yes, children can benefit from the Nasal Release Technique. I adjust the procedure by using fewer inflations and adapting the length of the balloon to fit the child’s nasal passage comfortably. This technique has proven particularly beneficial for children recovering from concussions caused by incidents like a soccer ball or volleyball impact, elbow to the head, or a fall. 

Hearing Loss & Tinnitus

Inner ear - You have key drainage systems in the inner ear that clear waste from the brain & inner ears. Proper circulation is important to bring nutrients into the tissues that reside in the ear. One of the treatments to assist in optimal function is removing restrictions and adhesions to the normal movement of the skull via NRT.

How the Nose, Skull & Teeth are Connected to Quality of Breath

Nasal Breathing - Your nasal passages collect & trap particle debris which is filtered out the front of the nose or down the throat and is usually cleared in about 15 minutes. Whereas particles breathed in through the lungs take anywhere from 2 to 4 months to clear! These trapped particles then trigger an autoimmune response and cause chronic infections. 

Mouth Breathing - You may have heard about the importance of breathing through your nose (especially overnight when sleeping) as this has recently gained attention in health circles. Getting oxygen into your blood (your cells) is one of the most important ways your body makes energy. Most mouth breathing is a result of improper skull and teeth development. 

Some consequences of mouth breathing include:

How to Treat Sleep Apnea with NRT

As Matthew Walker, Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and Founder and Director of the Center for Human Sleep Science, has made it his life's work to share the vital importance of sleep as one of the main pillars for a foundation of good health. Sleep is as important if not more so as quality diet, water, and exercise.

Reducing Risk of Alzheimer's & Parkinson's 

The latest scientific studies prove that during the sleep cycle, the trash of the brain (plaque) is cleared out each night. Any form of sleep deprivation shows increased levels of the beta-amyloids (plaque). Improved quality of sleep can help mitigate the progression of these diseases.

Medical Studies & NRT

Functional Cranial Release Research Institute

Migraines HERE

Your breath is your energy & life force.

This device is specially designed for the Nasal Release Technique

Dr. Judy inserts NRT expansion balloon.

Adult patient benefiting from the NRT process.