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We are Located INSIDE Cotati Moves

We are located in the Cotati Oaks Plaza, in the same parking lot as True Value Hardware, Cape Cod Fish & Chips, Nails Shop 101, and Haven Salon.

Currently offering Chiropractic services and Accepting New and "Returning New" Patients

The Moves Studio Active Care Training and Compression Massage sleeves will be added SOON!

Highly individual specialized care.

Not all patients are the same.

Not every patient needs the same adjustment. 

You may not need the same adjustment at every visit.

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Dr. Judy Hoffman is a licensed chiropractor, experienced registered yoga teacher, and a Yoga Alliance continuing education provider. Dr. Judy holds multiple certifications in fitness and rehabilitative exercise training, as well as soft tissue and manual therapies. She takes pride in her evaluation skills. She loves to listen to and connect with you, to better appreciate your unique experience.

Dr. Judy's chiropractic care combines soft tissue work and neuromuscular balancing techniques to support the body in integrating the adjustment. Additionally, she offers nutrition and lifestyle consultation to empower you with the tools to improve your overall health and well being.

She believes in having many tools to address your needs, they include the following:

Chiropractic techniques: Diversified, Thompson Drop Table, Toggle Cervical, Extremities (arms, legs, ribs, TMJ), spring loaded adjustments (using manual Activator IV and electric Impulse adjusting tools)

Additional training: Corrective exercise and Therapeutic Yoga, Z Health, Endo Nasal Release Technique, Cranial manipulation, Anterior cervical myofascial manipulation, Sports injury recovery, KT kinesio sports taping, active care techniques and tools from The Pettibon System, scraping and gua sha, Usui Reiki, acupressure

Therapeutic massage equipment: Pado Purewave, Thumper Maxi Pro, SpeedHound compression massage sleeves for legs and arms (featuring a recliner for comfortable use)

Check out Dr. Judy's Yoga and Fitness offerings:

When Dr. Judy is not sharing her chiropractic care with the community, she enjoys going out on bike rides, train adventures, leisure walks, and spending time with family. She loves animals, singing and dancing, and being in nature. Dr. Judy has been a local yoga and fitness instructor for over a decade and affectionately jokes that she is a "morale gal". She loves life and sharing her passions with new and old friends.

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